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Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp
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Are you a mozzie magnet? Do you find yourself looking like a crazy person as you try to slap the little rotters? You need a Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp! This candle, lamp and repellent pad set doubles as mozzie protection and soft lighting, perfect for barbecues, entertaining, camping or picnics. The advanced pad technology is designed to release a fragrance-free insect repellant when heated by the candle, keeping mozzies at bay for up to four hours.
Raid Outdoor Mozzie Lamp
Pack includes one mosquito lamp, one repellent mat and one refill candle
Protects an area up to 5x5m
Up to four hours protection
Pad contains Bitrex, to deter accidental ingestion by pets and kids
Outdoor use only
*Price reference sourced from the Supplier on 21 March 2013